The Cellar-Shop

Showcase reputable and of high quality local terroir and Languedoc

Showcase of famous and high quality local and Languedoc products

- The tasting pass :

Discovery of 3 cuvées of territory (1 white wine or 1 muscatel, 1 rosé wine, 1 red wine)

A selection of the week

Tasting pass: 5 €

- The Oeno Break :

Tasting à la carte of a glass or a bottle of wine (on sale in the shop)

- The thirst quenching break :

A moment of relaxation around organic fruit juices, lemonades or craft beers, mineral water, coffee, tea ...

- The shop :

A wide range of local wines (white wine, rosé wine, red wine, sparkling wine, Muscat de Lunel PDO, Cartagena, liqueur wine, etc.) are available in a price range from:

White wines: between 4.50 € and 11.50 €

Rosé wines: between 6 € and 9 € 

Red wines: between 6 € and 14 €

Muscats: between 8 € and 9.50 € 

Sparkling wines: 8.50 € and 9 € 

Cartagena: 12.50 € 

Orange wine: 10 €

Wines from our territory, local products, oenological accessories, everything is planned for gourmet gift boxes! Good gifts! Leave Viavino with good gifts for taste workshops!

Opening times of the Cellar-Shop :

All year long : from tuesday to saturday included

10am -1pm / 2pm-6pm

 On july and august : 10am - 1pm /  2pm - 7pm

Open on  july 14 and august 15


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