Our customized services

To link the labor time and reflection to that of the escape, full days can be tailored for companies or groups :

-          study days

-          team building

-          corporate events

-          hobbies

-          taste workshops

The immersion formulas or team building

Viavino easily lends itself to the combination of working time and leisure to strengthen cohesion among members of your teams and create an environment conducive to creativity and the urge.

Through management of gaming activities, experiential training, sports, artistic or creative, team building vehicle many values ​​and promotes stress management, cohesion and team spirit. Knowledge of others and their needs or team cohesion, solidarity between employees can be enhanced through team building. Indoors or outside, several spaces can be combined as needed.

For team building, Viavino can offer professional speakers.

The "Nature Holidays" companies

You can choose one or more activities depending on your level and your desires of escape. Discover the via ferrata, do canoeing on the river Vidourle, mountain biking (7 marked trails, over 160 km), hiking between scrubland and hills, horse riding in Camargue, the tree climbing in trees, fishing, etc.

-          Adventure activities (via ferrata, climbing ...)

-          Aquatic activities (canoeing, stand up paddle)

-          Field activities (walking or cycling in the vineyards, riding, Nordic walking, orienteering, petanque)

-          Discovery activities (cooking classes, oenological getaway old car through vineyards)

All these activities allow to enjoy the rich heritage, and are easy to access. They are accessible to all, sports or a beginner; the quest for thrills or relaxation, alone, with family, or group.

Upon request, you will be advised, accompanied. Depending on the activity, equipment hire will included in the delivery.


Corporate events

evenements entreprise

Different spaces of Viavino can be privatized in the evening.

Many formulas are possible.

Contact us for quote


For an extended stay, Viavino works with professional hosting : hotels and guest rooms of the highest quality, tourist homes ("Le Domaine de Bacchus", 3 minutes walk from Viavino).

Tourist Office of the Pays de Lunel


atelier du gout

The taste workshops

Alone or combined with working times, Marie-Helene Dal Cin Winemaker sommelier, leads workshops taste of approximately 15 people.

Duration: 1 hour at 2:30 (if meals or gourmet dish)

The most elementary to the most pointed, each workshop can be declined in the time available.

To address the food and wine, some workshops are built around a fine slate.

More taste workshops

Availability and specifications apply. 

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