Focus on : AOP Muscat de Lunel

It’s an authentic natural sweet wine that can be served as an aperitif but also with the foie gras, cheeses..It’s produced in Lunel, Lunel-Viel, Saturargues, Vérargues. In the middle age it was the party’s wine of princes.

Cited by Louis XIII, Mazarin and Bonaparte, it is also an artist’s wine since it inspired the moviemaker from Lunel, Louis Feuillade and Jean Hugo, painter and writer.

The grape variety "Muscat à petits grains"

There are many varieties of Muscat, ranging from the yellow one to the blue-black but the Muscat blanc à petit grains is used in the Pays de Lunel for the elaboration of the famous Muscat de Lunel.

“Muscat” means the grape varieties whose grapes have the quality aromatic “muscadée”. Their wine making is always quite tricky.

All the Muscat varieties, whether they are white or red, whether they are in vine varieties or table varieties, are characterized by their aroma “muscatée”. It comes from natural substances called “terpènes”.

Muscat de Lunel Appellation 

The Muscat de Lunel has been known for a long time for the quality of its aroma, its capacity to preserve but also for its very low yielding vines grown on alluvial gravel soils whose grape are still only harvested manually. This nectar was appreciated by illustrious personalities like Prince de Condé, Thomas Jefferson, Liszt or Schumann or even Jean Jacques Rousseau, Nabokov or Gustave Courbet…


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