Digital visits

Entering this showcase Pays de Lunel, driving in a digital world, interactive and fun (video wall, computer terminals, touch screens, videos, quizzes, etc.) where children and adults can soak up the cultural and historical heritage of the area.

The Terroir Hall showcases over 2,000 years of expertise in wine in the Pays de Lunel area and you discover the world of wine and vines. You'll be carried away oppidum in the castle, capitelle church, of Camargue race legend, browsing the Domitian until Viavino.

The Camargue is also an integral part of the identity of the Pays de Lunel.

It is regulated and recognized since 1975 by the Ministry of Youth and Sports and its own federation F.F.C.C.

The bull is venerated, to build statues for them sometimes. As is the case in Viavino: Barraié throne on the place of Micocouliers. In summer the town festivals put this animal representative of the region in the spotlight.

This digital tour reveals all its codes, its jargon, the love of men for the bull and horses (representing one of the most emblematic agricultural activities of the territory), and the free travel.

Educational visits

Viavino is a site open to everyone, but it is also possible to participate in a guided visit (explained by an oenologist and winemaker) on the pole, to see all the architectural secrets of the site, its concept environmentally responsible, its wines, its aromatic garden, its taste workshops, etc ...

The oenologist and winemaker guide you through our educational vineyard, learns of information about wine culture and the different varietals.

The Terroir Hall can also educate you on this culture independently.

Many varieties are identified. Through educational vineyard Viavino makes you discover regional varieties produced in Pays de Lunel.

Prices : 5 € per adult and free for children under 14 years.

Educational vines and aromatic herbs garden

Wander throught the vineyards and the aromatic herbs garden of Viavino for smell various local scents (pines, herbs, vegetables of the scrubland like thyme, rosemary, sage, wild lavender, fennel ...)

All the grapes varieties of the region are represented and explained on pedagogic lecterns in the vineyards of Viavino.

Enjoy freely this bucolic space conducive to the awakening of the senses.

Postcards criss-cross the path to bring a playful dimension to your walk.

Open air theatre

Among the outdoor spaces of Viavino, you can see an outdoor amphitheater.

This green area is planned for your relaxation, but also to welcome at the high season around 200 persons during the various cultural and festive events, theatre and music shows, outdoor cinematographic projections, were wine and vines will sometimes be honored.

In summer, come enjoy lot of animations from June to September:

  • Open air concert
  • Wine tasting
  • Market of Local producers
  • Ludic spaces for kids

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